Making ear posts for your Dabney Doberman

I no longer use this method and will post my new method soon- using tape, #7 cable ties & cotton balls - very easy & comfy for puppies

  Step 1         


Step 2


Cut the pipe wrap to the length that was just measured from the tip of the ear to the inside base of the ear.  It's better to be too long than too short.  You can always cut the tip off later. 

Measure from the tip of the ear to the inside base of the ear

to determine how long to cut the pipe wrap. 

Step 3                                                                                                            Step 4                                                              

        With a sharp knife cut the pipe wrap the desired length.                                         

                                                                                                                                      Cut the pipe wrap in half             Cut the pipe wrap in 

                                                                                                                                      lengthwise.                                  half lengthwise again.

Step 5                                                                                                                     Step 6

Cut a piece of tape about 2 1/2" long, wrap it tightly around the base              Cut the corners off the base as pictured on the right.  The left picture shows the                                                   aprox 1/4" from the base.  The tight wrap provides support for the base.        base before the corners are cut.

The easiest way to do this is to roll the pipe wrap and tape.

Step 7                                                                                    STEP 8

Cut an angle along the edge of the post.               Cut the edge of the other post in a mirror image so that the angle is on opposite edges of each post.

Cut from the middle of the top to the 

edge of the tap

Step 9                                                                                                                                                     Step 10

Starting on the inside of the post (side with hole), wrap the tape from the bottom               Before securing the tape, cut slits on each side of the tape at the tip                              

over the top of the post to the rounded outside.                                                                  as pictured above

Start the tape about 1/2" from the taped base.


step 11                                                                        Step 12

                                                                                                                            Cut a small piece of pipe wrap (can use piece from the angle that was cut--                                                

                                                                                                                            aprox 1/2" w X 1/4")  It should be slightly narrower than the width of the post

                                                                                                                             at the widest part.  Cut that section in half width wise

After cutting slits in the tape, fold inside tape and secure it on the post as pictured above. 

Fold tape over and smooth the edges to the outside of the pipe wrap.

Step 13                                                                                                                                            Step 14

                                                                                                                                    Fold the tape over the post being sure there are NO wrinkles on this side. 

                                                                                                                                    Cut 2 slits on each side of the tape where the piece was placed.

Place the piece you just cut on the outside (rounded side) of the post

at the widest part (so that it covers the piece of tape at the base) as pictured above

Step 15                                                                                                                        Step 16

Fold tape smoothly over post to finish                                                         Finished post (outside).  Note that tape is smooth on this side

                                                                                                                    (any wrinkles or folds in the tape will cause irritation to the ear)



                                                                Finished posts.  Left is inside (where hole was). 

                                        Right is the outside which is rounded and smooth and will be glued to the inside of the ear.



Needed items


1.  Skin-Bond skin adhesive
2.  Uni-solve adhesive remover
3.  Q-tips
4.  "Sport" tape
5.  BFI antiseptic powder
6.  Pipe-wrap