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My sister and I arrived from japan in june 2007 when i was 4 months old, after a 20 hour trip.  We were really excited about coming to the us.  there was a picnic in our honor and Linda’s friend Robert thought that he knew the perfect family for me.  He was right!!!  I went to my new home with my sisters, Nora belle and Lucy.  we play all kinds of games, we wrestle, play chase, i jump up on the big rock and sometimes i sneak their snacks when they’re not looking.  Sometimes i have to play ‘girl’ games, and i pretend that i’m above all that, but i really love it!!  i love being the ‘big brother’ and getting hugs from my sisters.  every now and then I go to a dog show and my sister, sakura gets to take my place at home and play with nora and lucy while i’m at the shows.  i have fun at the shows, but am always the happiest when I’m with my family.  I was a lanky puppy, but look quite handsome now that i’m older if i do say so myself!!  I just finished my championship winning two 4 point majors in my last 3 shows and not only going BOw, but going bos over 4 specials!!  now that i’m a champion, i’ll be hanging out at home doing all the things i love best with my family that i really love!


ps- some nice show pictures are coming soon...

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Roman’s 1st major

4 pts, BOW & BOS over 4 Specials

CH royal future jp thinking of you


Finished with his 2nd 4 point major