About Me
AM/CH Royal Future JP Sakura       
 of Dabney RN

Ch Dabney’s Phenomenon X Royal Future JP Sugar Twin

Fawn female  Whelped 12/18/07


I came here from Japan at 4 months old.  I used to eat everything in the yard, including grass, twigs, flowers, roots, dirt, you name it!!  My Dad and I play tag, chase the ball, wade in the pool and hang out together.  We are best buddies!  I love going to shows where I can show off!  At eight months old I just broke a record by becoming the youngest fawn (Isabella) to finish my Championship.  Like my Dad, I finished at 8 months old with 3 majors!!  I went to Canada where I finished my Championship at 10 months old with 2 Bests of Breed, a Group 4 and a Puppy Group First.  Here are pictures of me from the day I arrived (below) to now...

Who me?

This is my story and I’m sticking to it

First weekend out at 6 months old

First time in Canada at 6 months old

Back to back majors at 7 months old.  4 point major

Almost a Canadian Champion! at 7 months

8 months old moving towards her Championship

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Sakura wins her first Best of Breed at 8 months old!!!
First time shown in Best of Breed!
Thank you Judge Mr. Hal Biermann!!!
 8 months old

3 majors
The following week....
Finished in Canada at 10 months!!
Almost finished!!
Shown by John

Best of Breed at 10 months old